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Core Values

  1. Obedience – We desire to glorify, be obedient to, and serve God in everything we do.
  2. Pro-Life – We believe life begins at conception and are committed to upholding the sanctity of all human life.
  3. Transformation – We believe that Jesus Christ is the only one Who can truly transform a life; therefore, we are committed to presenting the Gospel in Word and deed to the clients we serve.
  4. Integrity – We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in all interactions within the ministry and community.
  5. Truth – We are committed to the truth of Scripture and seek God’s guidance by study and prayer.
  6. Stewardship – We will exercise godly stewardship in all financial dealings.
  7. Awareness – We will stay true to the mission to which God has called us to as we strive to meet the needs of those we serve.
  8. Accuracy – We are committed to providing our clients with accurate information throughout all of our programs and services.
  9. Community – We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ, and we are committed to working with the Church to see Christ's kingdom advance.