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In January 1989, Stillwater Life Services was founded as a non-profit, tax exempt, 501 (c)3 organization to address the critical need unplanned pregnancies produce. Stillwater Life Services (SLS) was seen by its founders as a means to provide a safe and confidential environment for women facing a crisis pregnancy, as well as a place to help equip families to care for their children. In September of 1988, SLS moved into rented office space on McElroy which consisted of two rooms.

In November of 1992, the first paid part-time director was hired. In April of 1995, the first successful major fund raiser was held. Around 1996, the SLS center moved from the McElroy office building to a rental house at 1403 S. Main St.

In June 1997, a silent auction and the first banquet were held. Then, in May 1998, the first Walk-a-thon raised $1257, and the first grant applications were written. One successfully resulted in some funding for SLS financial needs. In September of that year, the house at 1403 S. Main St. house officially became the property of SLS.

SLS continued to grow and to help more and more women in their hour of need.

On April 3, 2003, the 1st Annual Banquet was held in the OSU Ballroom, attended by over 250 people. It raised $35,000—more than 10 times the amount raised by any previous SLS Walk-a-Thon or banquet. Subsequent years saw enormous growth in the banquet results.

Thanks to these funds in 2003, the SLS board undertook a “Campus Campaign” designed to increase the reach of SLS into Oklahoma State University, where the vast majority of SLS’ clients came from. In February 2004 the center was moved to the 1002 N. Duck Street office building, very near OSU. On September 23, 2004 the first full-time director was hired. In November 2006, the Buel J. Staton Charitable Trust awarded SLS $6700 in response to a grant application, which helped fund the Earn While You Learn program, a key mentorship program offered by SLS.

Thanks to the growth in funds, the board moved on August 4, 2008 to expand the staffing and management of SLS, with an eye toward increasing growth and quality of services offered our clients. The first full time Executive Director was hired—that is, an Executive Director overseeing additional managers, to help delegate and diversify, as well as enhance, the SLS operations. On September 15, 2008 the first Center Director was hired—distinct from the Executive Director and reporting to the Executive Director. On January 19, 2009, the first full-time Administrative Assistant was hired to complete a strategic three-person management team (Executive Director, Center Director, and Administrative Assistant).

 In May of 2011 SLS relocated to a new facility at 1509 W 8th Ave due to a Board decision to become a medical clinic. In August of 2011 SLS begin providing its clients STD/STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and sexual health programs, through its sexual health and pregnancy resource clinic.

In 2012, one of our mission goals begin to become a reality when SLS was invited to hold classes at Stillwater Lincoln Academy on relationships and sexual health.

Growth at SLS continues to this day, as does the need for ministry. As the needs grow, God continues to equip Stillwater Life Services to grow and adapt to meet those needs in His name. The board and staff continue to pray and seek God’s will and direction and where He would have the ministry grow and meet needs.