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I’m interested in volunteering for SLS. What opportunities exist?

In a culture that is crippled by sexual and relational brokenness, Stillwater Life Services is providing healing and hope—and our volunteers play a MAJOR role in that mission. Our volunteer team includes nurses, physicians and other licensed medical professionals who meet with STI clinic patients in our clinic, mentors who build relationships with young men and women and help prepare them for parenthood, client advocates who provide peer-counseling to women and men experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, college students who serve on the campus campaign to help promote SLS and post-abortive women who meet regularly with those who have been affected by an abortion choice. Other volunteers teach parenting classes, both in and out of the jail, provide outreach in the public schools, and build relationships with women who are involved in the sex industry. We also have many dedicated souls who provide organizational and cleaning help for our office, Baby Boutique, and Main Street House and others who serve on committees to help make our fundraisers successful. For more information on how you can join the team, click here.


Where is SLS located?

Our office is at 1509 W. 8th Ave in Stillwater. It is on the southeast corner of 8th and Pine, which is a couple of blocks behind Stillwater Medical Center. If you have difficulty finding us please give us a call and we’d be glad to help you find your way!


How can I make a financial donation in support of Stillwater Life Services?

We are so grateful for every contribution to the financial stability of this organization. You can make a recurring monthly or one-time donation through this website. Just click on the DONATE button to do so! You are also welcome to send a check or cash to our main office at 1509 W. 8th Ave. Stillwater, OK 74074.


Is SLS a non-profit organization? 

Yes. We are a 501(c)(3).


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Both your financial and material donations are tax deductable.


What baby items does SLS need?

We are always in need diapers, formula and Dreft laundry soap. For a complete list of our current needs, check out the Ways to Help section of our website.


What is SLS's stance on the sanctity of human life?

We believe that life begins at conception and are committed to upholding the sanctity of all human life. We also recognize that unplanned pregnancy is a complex issue that must be met with compassion and a loving approach. 


Why are the services of SLS important? How does this relate to me, my family, and my church?

We believe that the issues that we address and services that we offer to the people of Stillwater and surrounding areas are crucial to the future of our families, churches, and communities. Sexual and relational brokenness affect all of us on some level. We believe by promoting a healthy view of sex and relationships, we are able to impact many generations. The results of this improves the future of families, education, and the lives of those we care about.


How can I pray for SLS?

A great way to stay up on the latest prayer requests for SLS is to sign up to become a Prayer Partner.


What are some ways that my church can get involved?

We occasionally have service projects that are available for a large group to participate in together, but most of our needs are relational and financial. We need people who are willing to volunteer their time to build relationships with our clients and we need others who are able to provide the funds to keep this ministry sustainable. SLS cannot function without both of those valuable assets. We need people who are passionate about SLS who can help raise awareness at your church about this essential ministry and encourage others to donate their time and/or money by leading the way! Call our office today to discuss specific events or opportunities that you can participate in or give to.


Where can I locate more resources and information on unplanned pregnancy, abortion, etc.?

Call our office at 405.624.3332 to receive more information about unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and many other topics that affect us, our families, and our communities.


How can I contact SLS for services?

Please call our office at 405.624.3332.


I have had an abortion and would like to talk to someone about my story, but I'm scared. How can SLS help?

SLS offers a safe and confidential place to share your story. If you need someone to talk to who
has been in your shoes, email