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You may be thinking, "I'm not sure if I have enough time to make an impact."  But whether you have a lot of time to invest or just a little, there are many ways to get involved at Stillwater Life Services. Our volunteers are a crucial part of our team, and we rely on and value their contributions immensely. Take a look below to find out ways you can get involved today! Scheduling a Tour of Stillwater Life is always a good way to become better acquainted with the services SLS offers.

Below you will find a listing of our main volunteer opportunities and a brief description. You may fill out our short volunteer interest form or to discuss any of these opportunities further please contact our office at 405-624-3332 or If you have an interest in providing a service that is not listed, don’t hesitate to speak up. We have noted whether each opportunity is open to males (M), females (F), or both (M/F).

If you already know you want to be a volunteer, download and fill out our volunteer application today.

  • Licensed Medical Professionals - M/F.
    Stillwater Life Services is now a medical clinic, offering STD/STI testing and treatment. The clinic is in need of licensed medical professionals (both male and female) who have a heart for counseling clients on sexual health issues, and are licensed to obtain blood and urine specimens, assist physicians with exams and provide patient assessments and intake. STI training provided. To learn more about this exciting volunteer opportunity contact Lori Hatfield, Center Director, at 405.624.3332 or
  • Client Advocates – M/F.
    The Client Advocate is responsible for providing options counseling and education. Female Client Advocates provide peer support for those who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. This position requires dedication and good relational and verbal communication skills. Some opportunities also exist for male Client Advocates to provide peer-counseling to young expectant fathers. All client advocates are required to attend the full scale training and complete all requirements before serving in this capacity.
  • Earn While You Learn Mentors - F. 
    EWYL is a one-on-one mentoring program that offers three benefits to the client: a relationship with a compassionate and dedicated mentor, education to prepare her for motherhood, and the opportunity to earn items she might need for her baby. EWYL mentors are matched up with a client who has chosen to parent her baby and wants support to prepare for the challenge. The pair meets weekly to work their way through a video-based curriculum. The mentor’s role is very important and training is both provided and required. It is also a requirement that the mentor be a mother herself.

  • 24/7 Dad Mentors - M. 
    The 24/7 Dad program offers the same three benefits to the client as does the EWYL program, but the curriculum is specifically geared toward young fathers. 24/7 Dad mentors are matched up with male clients who are preparing for fatherhood and they meet weekly as well. These mentors are in high demand and it is a requirement that they be a father themselves. Training is provided and required.
  • Jail Ministry Volunteers - M/F.  
    Stillwater Life Services offers parenting classes at the Payne County jail for male and female inmates. We are currently holding these classes on Thursdays from 9-10am for the male inmates and 10-11am for the female inmates. Volunteers prepare each week’s lesson ahead of time and teach participating inmates inside the jail. Jail Ministry Volunteers must be parents themselves. For more information contact the SLS office.
  • Post-Abortion Program (Reflections) - M/F.  
    Reflections is an essential Stillwater Life Services program. It is a confidential, safe, support group to help women who have experienced abortion. We ask that volunteers and coordinators for this program be post-abortive and have completed some form of post-abortion counseling themselves. Training is provided and required. Opportunities also exist for post-abortive volunteers to help raise awareness and provide support to women in the church who have been affected by abortion.
  • Cleaning Specialist - M/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    Our main office and the Main Street House both need regular cleaning from a dedicated soul who enjoys behind-the-scenes work that truly makes a difference. Some areas that need to be cleaned weekly in the main office are: bathrooms, lobby, counseling rooms, lab, medical rooms, offices, workroom, donation rooms, board room, and kitchen. The Main Street House is smaller but needs regular tender loving care as well to keep it looking fresh for our mentors and clients as they meet for EWYL or 24/7 Dad.
  • Office/Clerical assistant - M/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    This volunteer would help with various office and clerical duties as needed such as stuffing envelopes, printing, and receptionist duties. This could be a weekly volunteer position if we have the hours available, or on an as-needed basis, such as helping with bulk mail projects.
  • Baby Boutique CoordinatorM/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    The Baby Boutique is located at the Main Street House and it houses all of the new and gently used baby items that are available for “purchase” by the clients who are participating in our parenting programs. The coordinator makes sure that the Boutique is kept organized, clean and stocked with all necessary baby items. He or she would take responsibility for sorting donations as they come in, keeping clothing in season and alerting the main office if there are any items needed. The coordinator would also oversee other volunteers who have expressed interest in assisting in this area and would make sure that clients are able to have a pleasant and productive shopping experience.
  • Campus Campaign Volunteer - M/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    The Campus Campaign is an ever-evolving group of volunteers, made up of college students and adults who connect with college students, all of whom have a passion for helping SLS spread awareness on the OSU campus about our services. These volunteers and the Center Director work as a team to develop strategies for outreach on campus. This includes but is not limited to reaching out to different departments, organizations, fraternities and sororities, residence halls and students. Campus Campaign volunteers also assist in ensuring all material, literature and education resources are made available to campus. The team will seek opportunities for SLS to provide education on campus and will help by networking with various organizations and setting up events. These volunteers might also assist in the planning and execution of SLS client awareness events such as the annual Stilly Downtown Dash.
  • Fundraising Event Volunteers - M/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    The Stillwater Life Services Color of Hope 5K run/walk takes place every fall and is our second largest fundraising event. Volunteers are always needed to serve on the planning committee and/or to assist with logistics on the day of the event.

    The annual Fundraising Banquet is the most important fundraising and donor-awareness event Stillwater Life Services puts on. It takes place every spring and the committee is in need of volunteers to help make this event a success. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, table host coordinator, décor coordinator, catering coordinator, program coordinator, etc. We are also in need of people to host tables and invite new and returning guests to hear what God is doing at SLS and consider supporting this ministry.
  • Church Awareness Volunteers - M/F (*Can be college-aged).  
    This position helps get churches more involved in helping those dealing with unplanned pregnancies. This would include contacting churches concerning various events, needs, and fundraisers. This position would also assist SLS staff in educating the church in how they can become more involved.

Thank you for exploring ways to get involved with SLS! We couldn't list all the options available, so please let us know if you're intersted in providing a service we haven't mentioned. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you already know you want to be a volunteer, download and fill out our volunteer application today.

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