In January 1989, Stillwater Life Services was founded as a non-profit, tax exempt, 501 (c)3 organization to address the critical need unplanned pregnancies produce. Stillwater Life Services (SLS) was seen by its founders as a means to provide a safe and confidential environment for women facing a crisis pregnancy, as well as a place to help equip families to care for their children.

In February of 1989 SLS moved into its first rented office space and begin to offer client services. In 1996, the SLS center moved from the McElroy office building to a rental house at 1403 S. Main St. In 2003, the SLS board undertook a “Campus Campaign” designed to increase the reach of SLS into Oklahoma State University, where the vast majority of SLS clients came from. In February 2004 the center was moved to the 1002 N. Duck Street office building, very near OSU. In November 2006 SLS begin to offer a one-on-one parenting mentoring program for its clients called Earn While You Learn. In 2007 SLS begin to offer a companion one-on-one parenting mentoring program for Dads called 24/7 Dad.

On August 4, 2008 the Board voted to expand the staffing and management of the organization with a vision to see continued growth. A full time Executive Director was hired on September 1, 2008. Shortly after that a Center Director and Administrative Assistant were hired to complete a strategic three-person management team. In May of 2011 SLS relocated to a new facility at 1509 W 8th Ave due to a Board decision to become a medical clinic.

In August of 2011 SLS begin providing its clients STD/STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and sexual health programs, through its sexual health and pregnancy resource clinic.